Vital Tips for Choosing the Right Self-Storage Facility

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In the modern world, renting a self-storage facility can be necessary, but often unwanted, the requirement in life. Statistics show that one out of ten households in America utilizes self-storage units for various reasons. However, the major reasons for the need for storage facilities include home remodeling, relocation, military deployment, a serious change in life such as marriage or divorce, and other business purposes. Whichever the reason for renting a self-storage unit, there is a high likelihood that you have little experience in choosing the right facility. This post’s sole intention is to assist you to find the best storage solution for your specific requirements. Below is a checklist of the vital items to determine when in search for the perfect storage unit.


Most people tend to have their valuables stored closer to their residence or workplace. This way, they feel more comfortable knowing their valuables are accessible and in close reach. If you plan on not accessing your stored items any time sooner, this may not be much of a concern. Additionally, think about how convenient it will be to access your storage facility. Furthermore, you may want to ensure that the facility is located in a safe, clean, and crime free area.


Advanced self-storage facilities have all the factors considered when you talk about security features. Basically, they include a well-lit area just in case you visit the facility during dark hours. The facility should have a security fence that is impenetrable. Additionally, the main entrances should be passcode protected. Furthermore, security CCTV cameras should be installed for 24/7 video surveillance of the facility.

Unit Sizes

Today, there exists different varieties in the sizes for different self-storage units. Small units can be 5×5, 5 feet wide and 5 feet deep. These sizes can also increase up to 10’x30′ and beyond as per the facility type. A good facility should have any size you need as per your requirements. However, if it’s your first time using storage units, the facility should provide you with an experienced storage manager to assist you in selecting the right size for your valuables. Take a look at the space to have a rough idea of how your valuables will fit in.


When looking for any Self Storage Vadnais Heights Mn, the price is always a major factor, even though not the number one on your list. The fact is, people are willing to dig a little bit into their pocket as long as the facility meets their needs and provides the crucial features required. Remember, often are times when the less pricey unit is not always the best. There are various things that make it cheaper. You need to be careful going for facilities whose rate their services lower than their competitors. Furthermore, pay the facilities you are considering a visit before signing any agreement.


Selecting the self-storage facility for storage of your valuables should not be a daunting task. There are probably hundreds of storage facilities within your location. However, not all of them will suffice your needs. Consider using this guide, to understand the required features and ask the right questions before hiring any self-storage facility. Doing so will give you an easy time selecting the right storage facility that meets your needs.


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