Organizing Your Unit Before You Store

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Benefits of putting your belongings in storage include ensuring items are secure while you’re moving and making room in your home so that you can do a remodeling project or live in a comfortable environment. Before securing a unit, you need to determine how many boxes and other belongings you’re going to store. There are a few organization tips that you can use so that you can easily access the items that are inside the unit when you need to get to something and so that it’s easier to move your belongings from the unit to your home. 

Before you take anything to your storage unit, consider making a list of the things that are in the boxes, especially if they are cardboard boxes that aren’t labeled. Use bright colors when labeling the boxes so that you can easily see what’s inside each one and so that you know where each box goes to in your home. If there is anything valuable that you want to take to your storage facility madison wi unit, then you need to make sure you have serial numbers for each item in the event that something happens. Consider getting insurance on your unit as many facilities don’t offer this service. 

Try to keep the sizes of your boxes the same. This will make it easier to stack everything against the walls. Furniture can be stored against one wall, and boxes can be stacked against another wall. Leave a pathway between the items that you store to make it easier to reach items when you need them. Avoid wasting space in the unit. Use every area along the walls for the boxes that you’re storing as well as the furniture. Consider putting items inside drawers and cabinets so that you have even more space inside the unit for the things that you need to store. 

Avoid packing boxes to the point that they are too heavy. It will make them difficult to move when you need to take items out of the unit. Heavy boxes can topple easier than those that are lighter. Put heavier items closer to the floor. This will give you a solid foundation for stacking the other items in the unit. Put pallets on the floor so that your belongings aren’t on the ground. This can help to keep any pests out of your boxes if there are any in the unit. Avoid putting items in plastic bags because the material can quickly deteriorate. Appliances that are stored should be emptied, cleaned, and drained if they have any kind of water in them. 

Wrap items that could easily break in towels, sheets, or other types of fabric. Seal all boxes completely with packing tape. If you’re using cardboard boxes, then consider putting tape on the bottom of them as well to provide a sturdy base. If you have a shelving system that you’re storing, then use the shelves to hold boxes and other items to keep them off of the floor as much as possible.

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