Tips To Consider Before Purchasing Replacement Garage Door Opener

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One of the most overlooked aspects of the garage happens to be the garage door opener. Nowadays, a quick internet search will provide many options and some are even from the chain-driven models to the belt-driven. So you need to opt for a replacement for the garage door opener in town that will suit your needs. You can even search and come across some openers, which can easily be activated with the help of a smartphone app. Checking out all the possible types of Garage door opener before opting for replacement is a good start.

With so many options available these days, making one simplistic choice will be tough. Well, not anymore when you got experts to serve you with the best finding. With more information on the door opener, it becomes easier to make the choice based on your requirements and needs.

Things to know before you plan to go out and buy one:

Never ever make the mistake of just going out and purchasing a new garage door opener without focusing on some of your basic needs. You need to know everything in terms of extension kits, powder, installation and safety features before making any purchases. These are some Things to consider when replacing a garage door opener and you better watch for it.


The first one is with the horsepower:

Before you purchase a garage door opener, you need to know more about the horsepower that a model possesses. How powerful do you think the new garage door opener has to be to cover up your needs?

  • The current horsepower amount that you need, will solely depend on how large and heavy your garage door is. In case, your door is more than 20 feet wide, then you need one Replacement Garage Door Opener which is around half the horsepower minimum.
  • On the other hand, you have to focus on the speed at which the garage door opens and closes, depending on the horsepower of the mechanism.
  • In general terms, it is always better to head for an opener, which is a little bit overpowered for doors, versus the under-powdered one.
  • The average opener is here to lift the garage door at around 6 to 8 inches per second.

The overview of the horsepower:

Be sure to check out the overview of the horsepower ratings when it comes to garage doors. It will help you to make the right choice later when the time comes to purchase a new one.

For the half horsepower:

  • This form of power is widely popular for maximum garage door openers.
  • It is able to lift most of the garage doors well.

For the ¾ horsepower:

  • This form of power is great for opening some of the heavier forms of garage doors with some promising insulation.
  • This is able to last longer than the previous option of motors.
  • Moreover, this item is highly efficient and can easily open up doors at a faster rate.

1 horsepower:

  • This form of item is perfect for the solid wood garage doors or other options under the heavy garage door sector.
  • It has the best efficiency or power ratio and proper speed as well.

Get hold of the best extension kits for the taller doors out there:

Remember that the garage doors are likely to have rail extension kits. These kits are noted to be a bit higher than the standard garage door height, which is 7 feet. The main aim of this extension kit is to ensure that the replacement garage door opener is well and perfect for handling the taller garage doors. Most of the openers that the market has in store now are designed to work with the standard garage door of 7 feet height.

Now for the safe option to consider:

Automatic form of garage door openers are highly convenient but will also be quite dangerous, to say the least.

  • Most of the standard openers for the garage doors will come with a set of lasers. These lasers are mounted right on either side of the garage door opening. Whenever any object breaks the alignment of the laser, the door will stop.
  • One interesting feature of the latest openers is the availability of an automatic reverse function. In case the door is coming down and hits an object like a car, it will reverse automatically.
  • It is vital for you to check the safety features from time to time by closing the door and waving a broomstick right in front of the lasers. In case the door fails to stop designing when there is a possible obstruction, it means the alignment of laser sensors is off or has failed.
  • Be sure to check the user manual of your selected garage door openers to see how you can re-align the lasers properly and on your own.
  • If you want you are most welcome to consult a repairman first and get some assistance if you fail to work on it on your own.

Why would you require a new garage door?

In case the door is not functioning even when you are pressing the button of the opener, it means something is wrong with the mechanism. These are Tell-tale signs for you to change the old garage door opener with a new one. Make sure to check out the horsepower before making one choice with it.

Ask experts for some help:

If it is becoming a bit tough to get along with the best replacement garage door opener, then experts are more than happy to serve you right. Get in touch with the teams manufacturing and supplying garage door openers for the longest period of time. They are happy to serve you with the best openers of all time. You don’t have to pay much for their services too.

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