The best anti-robbery locks for your home  

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In order to protect ourselves from robberies, there are a wide array of security measures available to us; a good lock can make the difference between having a protected home or a vulnerable home, but… Which are the best anti-robbery locks for your home? And enhance your homes security with the locks of

In this article, we share the top anti-theft locks.


The leading provider of safety solutions worldwide. With a wide variety of brands, there is a reliable option for every need.

Lock with biometrics

A digital lock offers the same benefits as a conventional lock, but with a more secure and Personalized opening, thus providing greater safety and tranquility. The biometric lock is one of the best ways to keep your home safe.

There are a number of functionalities that it offers:

  1. Touch screen with a smart keyboard that lights up when touched.
  2. Voice guidance that simplifies its program.
  3. There are three types of opening: numerical code, footprint, or key.It can save up to 20 different fingerprints.
  4. An alert that you need to change your batteries.
  5. An intrusion alarm that is activated after an erroneous entry has been made.
  6. Temporary blocking if you enter three incorrect codes.
  7. With Yale Connect, you have the ability to manage access to your locks and other Yale digital solutions remotely and securely by way of your smartphone or tablet.

Multipoint lock for TESA

Another brand of Assa Ababoy, TESA offers high-quality products with more advantages than the common locks.

A multipoint lock is one of those solutions outside of the conventional. Locks with multiple points that open simultaneously with a key are possible with this lock.

Before possible breakage, TESA multipoint locks are subjected to rigorous resistance tests. It’s recommended to place them at the main entrance, they’re easy to install, and they’re outside.

These functionalities make TESA locks reliable and safe:

  1. This latch can be reversed
  2. Three points to close the front
  3. Lock and front made of stainless steel
  4. Safeguards
  5. The levers that guide the closure
  6. You are sure to find a model that suites your requirements among the wide selection available.

Electronic locks

As its opening is controlled from the inside, it is ideal for securing the perimeter of your home or business since only a limited number of people can enter the property.

Due to its versatility, it can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. The best way to control the visitors is to connect it to a videoconference system.

Tessa has many different models of this type of lock. The X86A model comes in stainless steel and is classified as a high-security lock.

Secure bolts

To avoid unpleasant surprises, experts recommend having more than one lock.

The Tessa high-security bolt by ABLOY offers the ideal and discreet solution for protecting your home from those who would want to harm you. It is suitable for both wooden and metal doors from 35 to 45 mm thick.

It is a reliable, safe, and versatile bolt since it can be used in institutions, commercial properties, safe deposit boxes, and even in furniture as a showcase to protect valuables.

Improve the security of your main door, patio, terrace, cellar, and garden, among other places.


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