The Beauty of Prepaid Phone Services

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Nowadays, there are all types of phone service that you can get. People are not just limited to wall phones in set locations like homes; they now have the option of carrying around cell phones. There are plenty of options when it comes to the world of cell phones. Many people have contracts in which they commit to using a specific carrier with a specific phone for a certain amount of time. The perk of contracts is that customers supposedly get better service. However, there are many cons when it comes to getting contracts. For example, any little change that you make to your service can result in fees. 

A better option for those who do not want to commit to a contract would be prepaid, non-contractual service. This option splits off into a couple of different options. For example, you can pay for a number of minutes and load the minutes onto your phone. To do this, you can purchase a phone card with a certain amount of money on it. The carrier that you choose to use charges a certain number of cents for every minute of phone calls and for every text message. There are a limited number of minutes and texts that you are allowed in this type of prepaid situation. In another type of prepaid situation, you can pay a flat fee for a month of unlimited talk, texts and internet usage. This type of prepaid situation is ideal for those who want to talk a lot on their phones, have unlimited opportunities to send texts and be able to go onto the internet from their phones. With such a “plan,” you can talk on the phone for hours and not be charged per minute. 

Before you buy a phone and choose a carrier, it is wise to figure out what types of phones and carriers work in the area where you plan on using phone service. It is also worth it to think about whether you want 3G 4G or any other type of G. The “G” stands for generation. A network is classified as being in a certain generation if it holds up to certain standards. The higher generation networks tend to be faster and more complex. Phones are built to wok well with their generation and lower generations; however, they will not work with networks that are classified as higher generations. If you live in Baton Rouge, you will want to know about a telephone service baton rouge and what networks are around. So, for example, a 3G network will work on 1G and 2G networks, but it will not work on a 4G network. If you want to get a phone from a carrier that has a really strong 4G network and no 3G, you should get a phone that is 4G. 

Even if you have not loaded money on a prepaid cellphone, it still pays to carry one around. Usually, you can call 911 on a prepaid cellphone, even if you did not load any money onto it for calls. Phone carriers know the importance of being able to call 911.

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