Take Care of Your Pet’s Very Basic Needs With a Scheduled Vet Visit

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Caring for your loved ones is a no-brainer, we all love our family members and common sense tells us if they need to see a doctor. This is also the case for our four-legged loved ones. Taking the initiative to have your pet properly vaccinated and treated is a duty that must not be taken lightly. Veterinary care has been on the rise for decades, due to the education of pet owners, the enforcement of animal-control centers, and the spread of infectious disease such as the all-to-common parvovirus. 

When Is the Right Time to Take My Pet to See a Vet? 

The time to take your pet-child for an office visit is as soon as you acquire the fuzzy friend. A wellness check can prevent future problems, address current issues, and begin their vaccination regiment. There are many services available to take advantage of, for example, pet care Culver City CA has the services that you might need for a full range of care for your pet. 

The Benefits of Microchipping 

The unknown can be a scary thing. The fact is because pets are animals, they are unpredictable. Just because you have owned Fluffy for five years, does not mean Fluffy will not decide one day that he wants to go meet Zeke down the street. The next thing you know Fluffy cannot find his way home. He has wandered a little too far out of your scent range and is desperately trying to find it again getting further and further away. There are cases that the pet was picked up by animal control in another county, or just a passerby who seen an animal that was lost. Microchipping can keep your pet linked to you so that if he is picked up, they will have your address to inform you. 

The Importance of Routine Vaccinations 

We all need to be vaccinated against infectious disease and viral outbreaks. Our pets are no different. They need these vital injections to keep them immune to diseases that can harm or kill them very quickly. In the case of Parvovirus, by the time the owner of the pet is aware the animal is ill, it is too late. The dog will start vomiting and have diarrhea and quickly becomes dehydrated to the point of death. Once these symptoms have emerged, it is a very difficult battle to win, even if the pet is hospitalized, which can cost the owner upwards of $2000.00. It can be easily prevented with a set of 3 immunizations administered every 2 weeks. 

Simple Services That Go a Long Way 

Some pets are fearful of simple procedures such as nail clipping. When pets are fearful, they can bite or go into a frenzy, resulting in bites or scratches to the handler, as well as possible injury to the pet. This will cause the pet to be even more fearful. These things are easily and quickly remedied at the Vet’s office. They have the proper tools and equipment available to make this treatment as painless as possible for your beloved pet. There are many other services available, call and schedule your appointment today!


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