Some Information About Car Transmissions

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Cars are some of the most complex pieces of machinery in the world of technology. There are many elements that go into a car that make it such a valuable and expensive machine. One of the most important parts of a car is its transmission. A car transmission is something that a lot of people do not understand. They know that it is important, but many of them could not explain how it works or what it does. It can be helpful for a car owner to understand the transmission in their car. It can also be helpful for a car owner to know when to have their transmission worked on by a professional mechanic. Once they know that their transmission needs service, they may choose to find a professional mechanic or a car repair company. If a car owner is looking for transmission repair Tucson AZ, they could do an internet search for car repair companies that work on car transmissions. 

How Some Car Transmissions Work 

Many cars have either a manual transmission or an automatic transmission. A car transmission’s job is to regulate the amount of power that is distributed to the car’s wheels at certain speeds. The transmission shifts the gears of a car. In a manual transmission, there is a disconnection that occurs between the transmission and the engine during shifting. That disconnection happens when the clutch is pushed down. After shifting, the clutch is released and the transmission and engine return to their previous state. The changing of gears happens as the car increases in speed. An automatic transmission shifts a car’s gears automatically as a car increases in speed, meaning drivers do not have to do it themselves. As a car slows down, the transmission automatically shifts the gears in reverse. 

Both Manual and Automatic Transmissions Have Some Benefits 

Some people prefer manual transmissions while some other people prefer automatic transmissions. Some people like both. There are a number of benefits to each type of car transmission. With manual transmissions, there is often less maintenance required to keep them working correctly. They also usually have better fuel economy than automatic transmissions. If there is a problem with a manual transmission, sometimes repairs are less expensive than with automatic transmissions. One of the most enjoyable aspects of a manual transmission is the amount of control that a driver can have over their car’s engine. While some people consider the shifting they have to do while driving to be a lot of work, some people find it very enjoyable to shift while they are driving. 

Sometimes, parts are easier to find for automatic transmissions. If there is an issue with an automatic transmission, sometimes repairs are more expensive than with manual transmissions. Automatic transmissions also usually require more maintenance than manual transmissions. The automatic changing of gears helps give drivers less to think about as they are driving, which could help make driving easier for some people.


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