Signs That You Need a Septic System Repair

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When you look out at your backyard, you likely enjoy taking in the view. Perhaps you have a nice and green lawn, a small garden, and a few toys out there for your children. Your backyard can host a lot of memorable moments shared with the family. The experience that you don’t want to have, however, is looking out on your backyard and noticing that it is entirely full of sewage. This is a nightmare that should plague any homeowner. It can happen at any time if you don’t have your septic tank undergo regular maintenance and checkups. To prevent your backyard from being filled with stinky waste, here are a few signs that your septic system might need to undergo a septic system repair winter garden fl.

Green Grass

You may pride yourself on the lush color of your grass but it might not actually be a good thing. If the grass around your septic tank is especially green and lush, then this could indicate that there is a leak in your tank. Fertilizer helps plants grow, certainly, but it also means that the soil in that area is likely saturated with human waste. If your family typically walks barefoot in your backyard, then your feet are being subject to those pollutants and viruses that exist within the septic tank. It’s a good idea to have the tank inspected to determine if there is a leak if you notice that the grass is a little too green. 

Spongy Soil

In addition to lush grass, you may also notice that the grass around the septic tank is spongier than it normally is. If you’re not sure what spongy feels like, essentially, if you walk over the grass near the septic tank and you notice that it feels as though it’s saturated or seeping into the ground below, then you may have a problem. Again, this is because the soil likely is saturated with waste that is leaking from the tank. 

Clogged Plumbing

Your entire plumbing system is connected to the septic tank. If you start to notice that your sink is becoming clogged more frequently, then the issue may not rest with the pipe itself but where the pipe leads to. This can be difficult to determine. A good idea is to have a septic professional run a line down the pipe to ensure there isn’t anything clogging your pipes. If the pipes are clean, then the issue likely rests with your septic tank. The good news is that all it might need is a flushing out and emptying. Or it could mean that the tank is busted. Either way, a septic repair is a necessary evil to ensure that both your backyard and your house don’t fill with waste from the tank. Septic tank issues can be quite costly. To limit the amount of damage that it can do, have an inspection performed quickly.

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