It Takes A Lot To Be A Veterinarian

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I always knew I wanted to work in some sort of healthcare. As I got older and became more and more attached to the animals in my life, I thought I would consider becoming a veterinarian. Veterinarians seemed to have awesome jobs back then. They could learn about different animals, and treat different types of animals. As I got older, I realized the not so fun things veterinarians had to do. A few reasons why I changed my mind on becoming a veterinarian include giving shots, putting animals to sleep, and the tough school work. 

Giving Shots 

I am not good with hypodermic needles. I don’t like to receive shots, and I also don’t think I could administer a shot to anyone or anything. Needles hurt, and I often wonder how the nurse knows when they’re in deep enough. I have been to too many vet visits to see my pets get shot with a needle. I’ve never really witnessed them screaming out in pain as they received a shot, instead it’s me, clutching my purse strap and looking the other way. My pet’s veterinarian is gentle, and I really appreciate the care that she has taken with all of my furry friends. I’m glad I found her when I looked for a veterinarian chandler az

Putting Animals To Sleep 

Putting my pets down was one of the worst things about being a pet owner. I could only imagine how hard it was to do as a veterinarian. I don’t think I could ever accomplish that. I understand why the process happens, and the benefits of having it done, but it couldn’t be me. Veterinarians have to be able to detach themselves from their furry patients. They also have to be ready for the response of the owner. I’m sure each case is pretty unique. 

Tough School Work 

Before I finally talked myself out of pursuing a veterinarian career, one of the biggest things I noticed was the tough schooling that was required in order to study vet medicine. I wasn’t doing well in my science courses, so my grade point average wasn’t high enough for me to try to transfer. I realized how tough it was for studying all types of medicine. It takes years and years of school to get where you want to be. No one is an expert as soon as they finish school, so you still have to complete additional years of training before you’re ready to branch out on your own. The requirements of vet medicine proved to be very difficult, and I chose a different route. 

When you’re pursing a career in medicine, whether its for people or for animals you have to be ready to do the hard stuff. It’s about more than prescribing medicine and seeing smiles, there are difficult procedures and decisions that must be made and you have to be willing to complete them. I think veterinarians are great, but the profession was not for me because I was afraid to give shots, put animals to sleep, and try to complete all of tough school work.


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