How Do You War Your Car Properly This Summer?

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You need to get your car washed every couple weeks during the summer so that you do not incur too much damage, so that there is no rust on the body, and to protect your paint job. There are a few tips listed below that you can use to keep he car in good condition. Most people who are washing their car are not doing everything they could do to make their car look perfect. The step listed below will change the way that you wash your car because they make it easier for you to clean every inch of the vehicle. 

1. Rinse The Car 

Rinsing your car before the wash gives you a wet surface that is easy to work with. You are simply rinsing off the biggest pieces of debris, and it will be easy to start washing because the body of the vehicle is wet. A car wash Coachella Valley procedure that you use should include wetting the body, wiping down the body, and removing all excess dirt and grime. 

2. Check The Crevices 

There are many crevices in your car that you need to check while you are wiping it down with a cloth or sponge. You should reach in every part of the car to find the places where no one ever looks, and you should remove the dirt and grime in these places. You might need to dig out dirt with your fingers, or you might want to use a rolled cloth to reach into these spots. 

3. Wax The Body 

You should dry the car completely when it is time to wax. Waxing the car requires time and patience. You must cover every part of the body with the wax, and you must rub it in hard so that you get the cleanest finish possible. The wax will make the pint shine, and it helps keep dirt and debris off in the future. The wax that you use should come from a tin that you dab with a cloth. It takes a long time to wax the car because you must wipe down every inch of the car. You will cover back over these spots with the cloth that you used for waxing, and you must continue rubbing down the car to get a shine. Someone who wants to create the best shine needs to commit time to drying the car a second time and wiping it down again. 

4. What About The Wheels? 

The wheels on your car should be cleaned and waxed at the same time as the rest of the car. You might need to clean parts of the wheels with smaller cloths, and you must use the cloths that you can clean completely in your water pail. The wheels are often ve3ry dirty, and they will not come clean unless you have dug deep to remove all the dirt you have picked up front he road. You can wash your car every week, make it shine, and protect your paint job with wax.


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