What Do Services Prior to Construction Offer Your Company?

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Before construction starts to take place there are a lot of things that need to be completed beforehand. Pre-construction services can help a client establish what the needs are for construction as well as helping to plan and analyze the project. These types of services can help the client determine if the project that they are hoping to complete is even financially viable.

Preconstruction services generally aren’t included with the price of the construction project itself. This is due to the fact that these services help the client gather information that will help determine the price of the actual construction itself. If the customer finds that the project isn’t feasible it may help them determine if they even want to follow through with the project with the chosen contractor or if they want to ditch it entirely.

Not all construction projects require these types of services, but it the project is large or complicated they can be an important tool. Getting a contractor involved early on in the project can help the client get a better idea of what will be needed during construction. These contractors can discuss any potential issues with engineers to come up with the best solutions to help architects design around any conditions that they need to be aware of. This can help to save money on the project later on by addressing these issues prior to construction. Here are just a few of the things that are usually included with a preconstruction report.

Initial Schematics

The area where construction may be taking place will be measured intensely during the preconstruction phase. Once these measurements have taken place, schematics will be drawn up giving the specifics of the property involved. This can help ensure that there is enough space for everything that will be needed for the process. While there may be enough room for the building itself, there is a chance that there will not be enough space or proper conditions for certain equipment to operate in.

Preliminary Budget

The budget that is included in this phase isn’t always a bid from the company during this phase. The contractor will create the schematic designs and an engineering assessment in order to give the client a general idea of what the project may cost overall. This documentation may be used while attempting to acquire financing for the project from a bank or other financial institution. It’s important to remember that this budget may change drastically before construction begins. Depending on what type of budget is determined at this phase, the client may decide to expand or scale back the project.

Preliminary Schedule

Just like the budget, the schedule can change drastically depending on the changes made to the project after the preconstruction phase. While a loose schedule can be produced at this phase, it will require that other decisions be made before this schedule can be finalized. Each phase of construction can be given its own general timeline that will help give an idea of when it could be completed.

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