The Far Reaching Ramifications of a DUI 

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Getting a DUI, which is a driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated has far-reaching ramifications. Most people do not realize all the areas of a person’s life a DUI can affect besides affecting the person’s pocket. If it is a first driving while intoxicated charge it will include a fine and loss of driving privileges for a specific amount of time. Each subsequent DUI after the first one the fine gets higher, the loss of driving privileges longer, and time in jail. The ramifications for this kind of charge depend on the state. States like Virginia with a 0.08% blood alcohol level like most states is legally under the influence to operate a motor vehicle. However, in Virginia the penalty rises when the blood alcohol level is far above the 0.08 percent even if it is a first DUI. 

The Affects of a DUI 

There are many different ways a driving under the influence charge can affect the person’s life. Starting with the penalty received that can include a large fine, loss of the drivers license for a period of time, and possible jail time. This is only the start of how the DUI affects the person’s life, since it will be a misdemeanor charge for a first offense. If it is an offense involving an accident, another kind of incident or more than a first DUI it can be a felony charge. 

Once the charge becomes a conviction this will put a mark on the driver’s criminal record. While this may not seem like something that could affect the driver it can. Applying for employment or renting a place to live a background check often takes place. When the background checks shows, the DUI offense it may be a reason for an employer not to hire the person or a landlord not to rent the home. This can happen long after the DUI occurred since it will remain on the drives criminal history. This could have a disastrous ending after being convicted of driving under the influence. This is why it is important after being stopped if failure of testing happens to get legal advice from a dui lawyer virginia beach va

The other thing that will change for the driver once driving privileges are restored the insurance company will know of this driving offense and raise the policy rates. This is a high-risk type of auto insurance basically that is much more expensive and will remain in place for an amount of time. The cost of this policy will be much higher than insurance cost before the conviction. It is possible because of the conviction the insurance company will drop the driver as a customer after this kind of driving offense, especially if it is not a first DUI. This is another good reason to have legal representation to try to minimize the charge and conviction. The areas of a person’s life that a DUI affects after the conviction makes it essential to have a lawyer build a defense since Breathalyzer tests and other common testing for intoxication can be shown to be inaccurate.

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