Maintenance and Costs Involved with Having an Air Source Heat Pump System

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An ASHP (Air Source Heat Pump System) is a system that can transfer heat from outside and take it inside a building and vice versa. An ASHP operates under the vapour compression refrigeration principles and uses a refrigerant system that involves a condenser and a compressor to absorb heat at one point, then release it at another. So, what is are the costs involved with owning and maintaining an air source heat pump system?

The cost of having and running an air source heat pump

The cost of an ASHP unit can range between £6,000 and £8,000, and this depends on the size of the home it needs to heat. There is also the cost of installing the unit and of any additional work needed to upgrade your distribution system. Installing an ASHP is not disruptive work, but you may have to carry out this job at the same time you are doing other home renovations. The cost to install an air-source heat pump varies, depending on the size of your unit and whether it’s a whole-home or single-room system.

The temperature you will set at home, the climate of where you live and the type of air-source heat pump, all impact the cost of running your ASHP. Under optimal condition, a highly-efficient ASHP can drop the energy consumption in your home by 30% to 40%. The electricity cost used to run an air source heat pump for a two-bedroomed house ranges from £900 to £1,200 per year. For a 4-bedroomed house, this can be between £1,800 and £2,400. This is cheaper when compared to the cost of heating your home with coal, LPG or electricity.

Maintenance of an air source heat pump

Maintenance costs for an ASHP are very low. The units work automatically, have a long life, and they are reliable. Every air source heat pump is different but manufactures give advice regarding seasonal and annual air source heat pump servicing. For the most part, air-source heat pumps don’t need the replacement of costly parts during their lifetime, unlike other renewable energy technologies.

Why should I install ASHP?

Saving on fuel bills – An average ASHP for a detached home where it’s supplying most of the heating and 50 per cent of the hot water can save £50 every year by replacing gasoline, £700 for electric heating and £460 for solid fuel heating.

Easy to set up – They are the simplest type of renewable when it comes to set up. The unit will be fitted to the rear part of the house.

Reduce carbon footprint – Air source heat pumps can save up to 4.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year if replacing solid-fuel heating and 5 tonnes for electric heating.

No maintenance needed – As mentioned before, air-source heat pumps are low maintenance and can serve you more than two decades.

Ready to install an air source heat pump?

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