The Easy Use of Floating Flooring

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Floating floors are easy to install and a great alternative to hardwood flooring. It is cost effective and come in many finishes. Floating floors can be finished in a few hours due to the easy installation process. 

Floating floors gained its name because it does not have to be nailed or glued to stay in place. Floating floors are pieced together like a puzzle so that it stays in place and fits together. This method eliminates the smells and messiness of adhesive. Floating floors also adapt well to weather conditions and expand to fit perfectly against walls and door frames. 

Something that needs to be considered is the wear and tear of floating flooring. Although this is a cost effective solution, you should know that the material for this flooring is thinner and there is no sanding that can be done for this flooring. This cuts down the life span of this flooring in a large amount. If the area that is in need of flooring is a high traffic are then it might not be the best option for you. 

When looking for any floating floors Adelaide you should consider which option you are looking to install. Laminate flooring is the most affordable because it is more of a synthetic blend that has a more natural look for stone ceramic and wood. Luxury Vinyl- Tile comes in both stone and wood. It has a realistic photographic print with a layer of clear vinyl to seal. Engineer Hardwood will not expand due to weather so this option can be better for high traffic areas. Engineered hardwood flooring will not warp and is more likely to hold up in any weather condition. 

You should not install other flooring options over floating floor because the floor can separate since it is not attached to sub-flooring. So in order to have sturdy flooring make sure to uninstall the floating flooring before putting other options down. If you decide to place flooring over floating flooring, then it is best to put plywood or ceramic tiling over in order to have a more sturdy foundation. 

Floating flooring is easy to install and is cost effective. There are many options such as Laminate, Engineered Wood, and Luxury Vinyl-Tile. These options are installed the same as a puzzle and expand for a perfect fit. Although the floating flooring is a cost efficient it is made from a thinner material which can shorten lifespan. If you’re considering using a floating flooring in a high traffic area you should consider installing Engineered hardwood because it will not warp and have a better chance of holding up in many weather conditions. You should not use floating flooring as a sub floor and uninstall before placing new flooring. Floating flooring does not attach to anything and does not require nailing or glue adhesive so it may detach or warp if new flooring is placed over it. Floating floor can make an interesting and easy project for many in the Do It Yourself community.


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