Steps to Take with Electrical Problems

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With electronics practically a part of everyday life, it may be tempting to think that you’re an expert when it comes to electricity. A bit of wiring here, new batteries there, and you’ve fixed the problem. However, electricity can be deceptively lethal. This is particularly true of the electricity running through your home. In the event that your power is out, you may feel that you are qualified to check on the circuit breaker and do a bit of fiddling to turn the lights back on and return power to your home. However, that fiddling could end your life. 

There are numerous deaths attributed to electrocution throughout the year. Some of them are simple accidents while others were because they attempted to fix the electricity in their homes themselves. It is critical that if you notice a problem with your electricity that you call for electrical repair Cincinnati OH immediately. They’ll take care of the problem for you and you won’t risk your own life. This article will cover the steps you should take when the power goes out in your home during a storm. 

Unplug Appliances And Electronics 

While you’re sitting in the dark and unpowered home, you should go through each room and unplug everything from the wall. It’s crucial that you do not touch plugs in areas where there is flooding. Those rooms should not be entered and instead left to the electric repair team to handle. However, in dry areas, you should carefully unplug everything from the wall. This serves to ensure that those appliances and electronics don’t receive a power surge from the grid when the electricity is repaired. There have been many examples where people have lost brand new TVs, game consoles, desktop computers, and other electronics to a deadly power surge simply because the electricity was turned back on and those items were plugged into the wall. 

Call Your Power Company 

Once your items have been carefully taken care of, you should contact your power company. No doubt many other people have likely called in to inform them that the power is out, but the more calls they receive, the higher on the priority list you can make your neighborhood. It’s also beneficial to inform them if you know of any reason why the power is out in the first place if you know the reason. A down tree, a down powered line, or if the problem is isolated to just your home, any issues you notice on your property or with your wires. 

Turn Off Power 

In the instance that your house is in the middle of a terrible storm, it may be prudent to actually turn the power off yourself while it is already off. You should be careful while doing this and never go near the control box if there is water around it. With the power permanently off, repair crews can safely take action.


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