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If something related to your job made you ill or injured, you may end up having to file for worker’s compensation. Deciding on whether or not to file is just part of the decisions that you will have to make during this situation. Deciding on whether or not you need a workers compensation attorney merrillville in to make sure that you are able to get everything that you deserve. While there are some situations in which you may get away without having a lawyer, but there are many in which it is a bad idea to try to do it by yourself. 

You Can No Longer Work 

If you can no longer work as a result of the injuries or hazards that led to you considering a worker’s compensation claim, you need a lawyer. If you believe that it is possible for you to be able to work some jobs but not the job that you were doing, you should really consider a lawyer. This is especially true if you think your capability to work will supply a lot less to you and your family when it comes to finances and other benefits. If your injury or illness has made it so you cannot work at all in any job, you need to make sure that you are compensated fairly for all of the work that you will not be able to do from this point forward. 

Your Injury Was Severe 

If your injury was severe, you may not know what the future holds for you even after you have healed. Chances are that you may not be able to work as much or even at all even after you have recuperated on a short-term basis. Some worker’s compensation injuries are serious enough to require surgery and factors like this need to be kept in mind. 

You Have A Disability 

If your injury or illness has resulted in you becoming disabled, an attorney can help to make sure that you are taken care of financially. Your capacity to work may be severely diminished because of this disability and that is something that you deserve to be compensated for. Not only is it impacting your work life, but you may also be living with pain as a result of the actions of your employer. If you already had a disability before the incident, it’s important to have legal representation. They can explain how the new injuries and illness have impacted your pre-existing condition and, in some cases, disprove claims that you were already impacted before the incident and your employer wasn’t the cause of it. 

Worker’s compensation can be difficult to win and while it is still possible it is unlikely that you will get the offer or judgment that you could have received with representation. You should be focusing on healing during this time and not fighting legal battles. At attorney can take this pressure off of you and handle your case the right way.

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