Five Organized Ways to Use Your Storage Space

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Either you have outgrown your space, you are in transition, or you need a temporary place to host a personal hobby. Regardless of “why”, self-storage has you covered. Storage does not have to be boring or scary. In fact, storage can help you stay organized and sometimes even help you better recognize your earning potential. 


A full drum set takes up so much space, so it is understandable if you cannot fit it in your apartment, and the same goes for a full-size piano. And if you have more than one instrument, even if they are small, the space they take adds up! When clutter builds, things start getting scratched and broken. Consider keeping these beautiful pieces out of harm’s way in storage until you need them to perform. 


This goes for all types of attire. Drag outfits, gowns, seasonal clothing, costume makeup, theatrical pieces, and the list could go on and on. Some customers even make a self storage everett wa unit their personal walk-in closet! You can add racks, dressers, and even mirrors so you can do a quick change before an event or performance. Most storage units are also temperature and moisture controlled so you do not have to worry about your clothes getting damaged. 


You started with one porcelain bunny and ended up with hundreds of them! Some can stay in your home, but your partner will lose it if one more gets added to the dining room table. No need to panic, you can move your display case full of rabbits into storage! Take the time to visit them on your own accord whenever you feel anxious without your partner having to worry about your still growing collection. The same goes for toy collectibles. When you don’t want to see them, and as you wait for their value to increase, place them out of sight and out of mind. 

Selling Goods 

The Internet truly is a wonderful thing. It allows more and more people to start their own business. As you buy more items to sell, however, you are very likely to run out of space. Have no fear, your storage unit is here! Until it sells, move it to your self-storage unit. 


Downsizing will forever be one of the number one reasons consumers decide to invest in a monthly storage unit. During your move, or when you’re about to move keep items you use less frequently in self-storage. You will be able to get the less important belongings out of the way first, so you can deem what you really need during this transitionary time in your life. 

If you find yourself in need of self-storage over the next few months remember to have fun with it! Don’t just randomly throw items that don’t fit into an unorganized storage nightmare. Organize your belongings first and then make your unit a special, themed room; you’ll have more fun that way guaranteed.

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