Your Neighborhood’s Central Wastewater System

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If you live in the city, you are living in an environment that is well structured to help with your way of living. That includes where your waste goes. The sewer system that is part of that structure handles not only your waste but your water purification as well. This is what you pay your taxes for. Having access to clean water is a right that all people don’t have, unfortunately. However, it has a lot to do with the wastewater system and how it is maintained. You should consider checking that out once in a while to see how it all works. 

The Structure

Your city’s sewage system consists of pumps and pipes that are responsible for collecting all of the wastewater that travels through them daily, that is treated to clean the water before a runoff happens. All impurities are taken out the water right before the runoff ends in streams, lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. In an effort to combat water pollution, wastewater treatment is needed because you can’t drink, take a bath, or swim in the water otherwise. It’s important to understand a system that we should not take for granted. Yes, we see how the sewer part of our water bill may go up. However, looking at the overall picture, think of the clean water you get because of the huge septic system that cleans the waste and other impurities out of the water. These are things we should not take for granted. In parts of our nation, people are not getting to experience the right to clean water, and it’s making them sick. This is why it’s very important to understand water pollution. We won’t be so quick to complain and talk bad about faucet water if we knew the process it took to get it clean. 

The Sewer Portion Of The Water Bill

When the rate for the water goes up, the sewer goes up as well. In some cases, it is the largest portion of your bill. The reason being is that using the latest technology to keep it clean can cost a lot of money. If any of the pipes malfunction, then our water is going to be a problem. That is why the system is checked regularly because it ensures that this network is clear of things that are unnecessary and should not be around the system as it’s doing the job it’s supposed to do. The reason we pay for this service is that it requires money to operate like everything else. At these treatment plants are employees that watch this process happen, and they do maintenance on the system to keep it going. 

Having a wastewater system is vital to our way of life. Without it, we will not have a way to clean our water from day to day waste. It is important that we learn to appreciate the system that allows us to have pure water.

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