Turning Your Home Green : How To Save the environment and Your Money

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As the years go by the public has become considerably aware that the days of affordable and readily available energy providers such as gas and oil will soon be a thing of the past. Therefore, many are now shifting their attention to equipping their homes with alternative sources of energy. 

Thanks to the latest advancements in green technology, many are now able to afford products that will not only save homeowners money on their monthly energy bills but benefit the environment as well. So, how can you begin to save on your monthly energy bills today? The following are our top recommendations of common household things that can become money and environment savers. 

One of the most overlooked areas when making the decision to go green is the homes septic tank. It is crucial to have a professional empty out septic tanks every 3 to 5 years depending on the number of members in your household. Failure to do so may result in a leaking tank that may spill right into your yard, ruining your foundation and the environment at the same time. 

Window Treatments 

Window treatments can be the cause of most of a home’s energy loss, in fact, even newer homes can fall victim to this issue due to the home developer using cheap ad standard windows during construction. However, we understand that windows are not the cheapest thing to replace, therefore we suggest purchasing heavy curtains that can be easily installed and that will no doubt decrease the amount of energy lost. 

Roof Solar Panels 

According to recent prices, solar panels for home use are down over 70 percent in the last decade. This incredible reduction in price and innovation in its technology has allowed homeowners to utilize the power of the sun and not only provide their home with reliable energy that protects our environment but also at an affordable price. In addition, even when homeowners don’t have a reliable roof to install heavy panels, installers can offer alternative platforms such as a backyard installing. 

Geofencing Monitoring Technology 

One of the best ways to save money while you’re at work or away on vacation is to install a self-automated thermostat. These devices allow your home to sense the temperature outdoors and adjust your A/C or heater accordingly. In addition, innovation has now allowed these devices to know when you’re away from home, a beneficial feature because it provides the homeowner the ability to save money on heating and air conditioning when nobody is there. 

LED Home Lighting 

We couldn’t leave you without some great lighting tips for your home. Last but not least, our recommendation for a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting are LED bulbs. LED’s are the next step from the older swirl light bulbs which did save money but contained harmful chemicals that hurt the environment when broken. LED light bulb’s offer not only long lasting use but the ability to dim them down in order to conserve more energy over time.


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