The Origins And Cleaning Of Grout

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There is a whole other world of knowledge when it comes to grout and how to clean it. It is something that most people take for granted because it simply lies hidden in between the tile on the kitchen floors of many American citizens today as well as grout cleaning services olympia wa. There is a lot to discover when learning what grout is, how it is cleaned in the most efficient and effective way, and the history of such a material. This is the template we will be expanding on in this short yet thourough article when delving into the details of how grout is manufactured and maintained. 

What is grout? Well according to Wikipedia grout is a substance that composed of sand, concrete, and water which is then pressurized together to make a holding material for let’s say the tile on the kitchen floor. It has various other purposes as well such as sealing walls, joints, and holes. Grout is similar to mortar but is distinguished by its lack of lime which is a substance that makes a solution thicker and more dense. Because of this, the grout can easily slip in between hidden cracks with little to no extra force at all due to its more liquid nature. Not only does grout keep tile together but it also keeps the material connected to the floor or wall in order to strengthen its overall base. There are two forms of grout that is produced which is one with sand and one without sand. The grout with sand ends up with a more gritty texture due to the components of the sand while the non sand version ends up producing a smoother overall texture. One example of a type of grout with a sand based matieral is Portland cement. This is a grout that comes in several varieties such as large medium and smaller grains of sand based material. The smaller sand based material is preferred because of its ability to penetrate the base that connects the mosaic or tile together for the most part. 

How does one clean grout? Well according to documentation the goal of cleaning grout is to lengthen the life span of the substance by removing particles of dirt and grime. Grime is easily dirty due to its absorbent nature and the cause of its uncleanliness will vary depending on which room the grout is located in. In a kitchen moist of time the cause is because something was spilled and in the bathroom it is mainly due to mold and mildew stains. The solution to clean grout is mainly composed of vinegar and water and the tool used to optimally clean the surface is a common toothbrush. It is not advised to use anything that consists of metal in order to not damage the already hardened grout material. 

What is the history of grout? Grouting is a historical practice that dates back to the year of eighteen o’ two. It was often utilized to fill into the materials of soil and rock in order to change its characteristics. It was also used for repairing locks in France as well.


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