The Historical Roots Of The Janitor

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The term janitor is used very commonly today as the people who guard and maintain the facilities they are ascribed to. There is however a lack of commonly known information when it comes to any janitorial services atlanta ga and how it all got started in the first place. The historical roots of the janitor and what a janitor actually is may be a surprise as the stereotypes connotated with being a janitor is not the same as the definition of what a janitor actually is per say. Also what it takes to even become a janitor is also something of a enigma that needs to be clarified further in order for us to understand what these people do to a living according to facts. 

What is a Janitor? Well according to Wikipedia a janitor may also be referred to as a custodian, a porter, or a caretaker of some kind of facility or building which involves responsibilies like cleaning on a primary level and security on a subprimary level. Although it is not their main job to do security work because the bulk of their duties relate to cleaning purposes the secondary role of a janitor is in fact to keep things generally safe as well for the people occupying the building they are working at. Most of the work that a janitor carries out involves indoor related activities but on occasion there is the necessity for an outdoors janitorial job to be carried out such as shoveling snow, mowing lawns, and sweeping walkways. For office spaces janitors will typically come in the evening time when everyone leaves so that the work they carry out is more efficient and orderly without the hassle of working around the office employees. The job of a janitor can be a dirty and unpleasant job as their tasks also pertain to the realm of the bathroom and all of its supposed functional facilities such as the toilet and the urinial. The pay of a janitor typically starts at around ten dollars an hour but recently increased by a whopping eleven percent since the last statistic was taken into account. 

What is the historical roots associated with being a janitor? Well according to documentation a janitor was originally someone who guarded an entry way or a gate. So in essence the job of the first janitors of history aligned more with a job whose duty it was to be a bouncer or somewhat of a guard on watch. The name of the original purpose of the job was derived from a Roman god whose name was Janus who was the door keeper of heaven and was adorned with two faces to watch the comings and goings of the passers by of those who wandered to heaven and back. Today the job of a janitor has changed quite drastically and may even have some undesired implications associated with it but nonetheless it is a necessity to keep things breathable and clean and that is where the duties of the janitor shine the brightest in our society.

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