Signage, Window Graphics and Decals

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Window graphics offer graphics on windows that are see through, they can be added to glass of buildings and cars or any other transparent panels to provide a form of advertisement, branding, expression, privacy and also solar control. Punctured adhesive window tints is what is mainly used to make the graphics see-through. Graphics are then placed on the front of the tint which have holes that are circular that will cover up to fifty percent of the window area. This will have the eye focusing on the light that is reflecting the colors printed on the graphics versus the light that will pass through the perforated circles. The back side of the graphics will be black, this creates a single effect(one way). The graphics that are printed on the front will not be able to be seen from the back. Viewing the print from this side allows it to be more dominant, the black layer absorbs most of the light than reflect it. 

Most window graphics ohio are graphics that are see through can be printed onto other transparent surfaces that are not perforated. This can be accomplished by printing line or dot layer patterns on top of each other, keeping open areas of transparency between the two areas. One is placed on top of the other with little to no overlap. An example is when the first layer is printed it may have black dots followed with a layer of colorful dots for a graphic design or image. 

Window designs and graphics are such an awesome way to make the front of a stores appearance become a valuable space to advertise and grab old and new customers attention. The bright colorful images grabs all of their attention and expresses an impression of expertise that tacky signs or window paintings can never express. Some frequently used window graphics are Window clings, perforated window graphics, Frosted graphics, window lettering, shades, and imaged glass. 

There are multiple ways window graphics can add to your business, these other options include: 

Custom murals and wallpaper can give a home, school or conference room a big facelift from the ceilings to the floor. With clear window decals or one-way vision decals you have the choice to have others see you or not, just choose between see through or one-way decals. Static window hangers are sales boosters that are very attractive and are available in full color. These clings are a way to advertise and save money for your business. They are durable, flexible and so simple to install! Floor graphic designs can change a plain floor into eye-catchy advertisements with durable, anti-slip graphic floors. They can give you the option of customized 3D or flat visuals that will have your customers stopping to read all about it. Vinyl letters and decals change plain structures into main marketing focal points that are waterproof vinyl logos and lettering. Walls, windows, doors, vehicles, and cement can get vinyl lettering. Using vinyl lettering, you are able to decorate any window without blocking all of the light or visibility completely. 


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