Investing In Your Home And The Environment

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Sewer cleaning is the process of cleaning out the sewer lines or pipes which carry waste away from our homes and other buildings. Whatever we flush or pour down a drain is diverted to the sewer system. Sometimes these pipes and drains can get clogged by excess material and even by ground materials such as roots, gravel, and other things. This can create foul odors which can become quite unpleasant. 

Household waste carries food, dirt, and waste from the drains of your house to a septic site or city wastewater treatment location. Deterioration of sewer pipes and lines can be a problem in older homes as time and wear can erode systems. Maintenance of drains and pipes is crucial in older homes for this reason. This can lead not only to foul odors but costly repairs such as installing new sewer pipes and lines. Even if you perform regular inspections of your sewage system, obstructions and clogs can still occur. Clogs are the main cause of sewer back-ups which require sewer cleaning services. 

How Do I Know If I Need Sewer Cleaning Services? 

Foul odors are not the only indication you may need a sewer cleaning service. Slow moving drains throughout your house, not just in one drain, “gurgling” drains, and water backing up in the bathtub or sink after you flush can also be indicators. If you have an older home, the material used in the plumbing, the soil, and the trees on your property can all play a role in sewage system health. There are also many alternatives on the market that do not involve harsh chemicals which you can use to help prevent drain clogs and build-up. There is maintenance that can be done to help keep your drains clear including enzyme treatments, however, even with regular maintenance, things can go wrong which require professional service. 

How Do Sewer Cleaning Professionals Fix the Problem? 

A sewer cleaning service plays a crucial role in ensuring that waste systems function properly for both health and environmental integrity. In addition to keeping your drains and pipes flowing smoothly, sewage cleaning professionals protect fresh water resources. Their services can also prevent the need for costly new plumbing throughout your home. 

Sewer cleaning Chicago IL service professionals can clean your septic tanks, lines and drains, and can repair the system if there are issues which require repair. They can also repair damaged walls and tiles due to water damage, and repair broken underground drains and pipes. Sewer cleaning services can also remove overgrown roots and other earth materials that may have caused clogs and damage to your pipes. 

The Chicago sewage system is over 4,000 miles long and because private homes are not on the same network as the city systems, they are considered to be much longer than that. Being aware of how household waste is processed and being vigilant can save you both money and inconvenience. Don’t wait until your only option is the costly installation of a new system.


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