Important Factors to Weigh When Looking for Auto Repair

It is all fun and games until that tell-tale rattle spoils the drive. Many motorists out there feel their blood run cold when the dash lights up, but that is mostly because using a mechanic is stressful. You have to worry about both price and reliability.

Too many drivers have paid money hand-over-foot only to have their vehicle break down within a month of repair. This does not mean you should try to do it yourself, however, it only means that you should be smart about the service you choose. Here are some important factors to consider when vetting any auto repair las vegas nv.

Ratings, Reviews, and Recommendations

A good bit of advice is to look close to home when searching for a good mechanic. Friends and family have firsthand experience and as they are usually trustworthy recommendations from them are the best to use. The internet, however, is a great source of information that can provide ratings and reviews of any service nearby. This is why the best thing to do is use all three in tandem. 

When looking for a mechanic check their reviews to see what consumers have to say, get recommendations from your family, and then check ratings for every choice. See what the BBB says about them and hold on to the three most reliable services to comparison shop.

Check Credentials

After you have narrowed your search down to about three possible it is time to take a closer look. The first warning sign to look for is if you cannot find the services license and insurance. Such credentials should be easy to find as they are proof of legitimacy. If the mechanic does not offer them it is most likely because they do not have them. Working with a mechanic that does not have proper credentials leaves you liable if the worst happens. So find those credentials before you look at anything else.

Check for a Warranty

A great indication of reliable service is if the mechanic offer a warranty. This not only means that they stand behind their work, but it also means that if they do not provide satisfaction, they will fully compensate you. Warranty’s usually extend over the first few months. If the service does not offer warranties it could mean that their work often does not hold up. So be wary of a services that lack that kind of confidence.


If you shop well in advance one great way to determine service is with a trial run. You visit the shop for a minor repair like an oil change. This will give you firsthand knowledge of how the company operates and whether or not they can handle bigger jobs down the line.

Here are some warning signs to look for it you do visit the shop. First, look at the state of the room. If they are disorganized, cluttered, and unkempt it is a red flag. You cannot trust them to take care of your vehicle if they do not take care of their own office. Secondly, rate the actual customer service. Poor treatment from staff equals poor treatment of your vehicle.