Easy Way to Learn Quran Immediately in Online Quran Classes

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It has become the question of the hour to know the easy way to learn the Quran immediately in Online Quran classes. In this technological period, every Muslim brother wants to know the easiest way to learn Quran in the online Quran classes. However, the learning of the Quran is necessary for every Muslim. On the other hand, in this modern world, technology leads have made it easy for Muslims to learn about their religion through online classes.

There are several reasons beyond the Holy Quran’s learning, so every Muslim brother loves to learn the Holy Quran. It is the complete guideline revealed by Allah Almighty upon his Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). However, the Holy Quran and Sunnah both guide humankind for its prosperity not only in this world but also for the hereafter. The Holy Quran directs us for the successful path in this world as well as in the hereafter. Similarly, it provides the light in the darkness for humankind. It is pertinent to mention here that the Eman on the Holy Quran is one of the necessary things that glimpse a perfect Muslim.

Earlier there was another type of learning Quran i.e., the traditional way of learning the Holy Quran. However, in this modern world where technology has made everything easy, learning the Holy Quran has also become easy online. It is an effective and easy way for Muslims to learn the Holy Quran wherever they reside. On the other hand, several other areas where networking is still not developed there a traditional way of Quran learning is being followed. In traditional learning, Muslims used to go to an institute, physically, to learn the Holy Quran at one time a day. Undoubtedly, both the channels take equal time in learning the Holy Quran because it takes the same and equal steps in learning.

  • Learning the Holy Quran in Two Different Ways

Basically, there are two ways in which one can learn the holy Quran. Undoubtedly, the easy way the Holy Quran can be learned is by learning the Holy Quran in the online classes. However, to know the difference, one must have a little bit of knowledge regarding the traditional channel of learning the Holy Quran.

1.     Traditional Way of Learning the Holy Quran

The Holy Quran is a sacred book of Allah, which is the collection of guidelines for the believers. One who follows would lead a successful life in this world as well as in the hereafter. However, Allah SWT has revealed this central text to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. However, the Prophet Muhammad PBUH is the teacher of his companion. The Prophet of Allah used to sit in the Mosque i.e., Masjid Nabvi, for the sake of providing an education of the Holy Quran. After the Holy Prophet, the companions of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH used to give knowledge of the Quran to the other Muslim brothers. It can be perceived that the education of the Quran was used to give in the mosque as an institute.

It is a traditional method of learning the Holy Quran. However, Asian countries like Pakistan and India feel it as a productive method of learning the Holy Quran. So, they almost use this method. However, technology has made everything easy, so most Muslims worldwide used to follow the Holy Quran’s learning through online classes.

  • Some Benefits of This Traditional Channel for Learning the Holy Quran
  • The student’s physical presence is a big point for gaining confidence while learning the Holy Quran. So, it assists in gaining confidence while a student is present physically in a class.
  • The student becomes easy in learning if he has direct communication with the teacher, so a student has a direct approach while learning through the traditional channel. In this manner, a student can learn in a better way.
  • However, technology has reached all corners of the world, but there are still some areas of the world where the internet and network are still not available, so the traditional way of learning the Holy Quran also leads.
  • In several areas of the world, there is still the issue of load-shedding and the dropping of the internet signals, so it becomes somehow difficult for the students to get proper online classes. In this manner, the traditional way of the Quran allows you to attend the class physically.


  • Learn the Holy Quran through the Proper Channel Online Classes

Every child even today knows about the technology has reached an innocent mind. Therefore, the Holy Quran’s learning has also become in this internet. However, way to learn online at online classes. It would not be wrong to say that online learning is easy and convenient way to learn the Holy Quran.

On the other hand, the online Quran classes have rocked because it has become easy for all the Muslims and believers to get time to learn the Holy Quran at the time he/she gets free. Apart from this, Coronavirus’s pandemic was when no one was allowed to move outside their home, and they also got the best time to get the Holy Quran’s Education Centre in online classes.

Undoubtedly, this is the system in which the teacher and the students are not present physically at the same place, but they get into touch through the internet and video class learning. It is required by the student to have one laptop or desktop along with webcam and internet to connect with the online classes section. However, the physical appearance is the only difference between the traditional and online classes of learning the Holy Quran.

  • Some Benefits of This Online Learning system for the learning of the Holy Quran

There are several benefits of online Learning of the Holy Quran; however, some major benefits are unfolded below:

  • Whatever the weather it is outside your home, you need not worry about it, but you can take online classes without any weather fear. Similarly, if there is a political strike in your city even then you can attend the class at your home without any tension.
  • You need not face difficulties for going in the bus or travel long for the traditional institutes to attend the class.
  • You are free to choose the best time which is suitable to your made schedule. In this way, the student can learn in the better way the time he feels active for himself.

This is the most like way of learning the Holy Quran these days because technology has reached in most countries in the world. Similarly, the countries where the believers are taking advantage of this system such as China, Japan, and other western as well as European countries are learning the Holy Quran through these online classes. On the other hand, some of the African countries are still bereaved of this facility of the online classes because of a lack of internet facilities.

  • Steps Required In Learning the Holy Quran in Online Quran Classes

1.       To Have Professional Teacher

The first and the foremost step in learning the Holy Quran in online Quran classes is to find the best teacher for your learning. In simple words, the teacher who has devoted most of the time in teaching the Holy Quran. It is crystal clear that if the teacher is not of the best level, students can never learn better. Several students invest their time and money but are still unable to recite the Holy Quran properly. Similarly, the teacher must have the proper knowledge of Tajweed so that a student can quickly learn the holy Quran.

2.       To Set Suitable Time

After selecting the best teacher for learning the Holy Quran fin online Quran classes, you need to set the best time that is suitable for your mentality. Time plays a pivotal role in learning cases. If you were unable to select the best time, you would not get interested even if you have the best Quran teacher. R kids Thus, you need to set the best time in which you are 101% active.

3.       To Have Proper Attention

It is inevitable to learn anything you want. However, the proper attention would induce your adequate learning for the Holy Quran. After selecting the teacher and the setting of the best time, you need to induce appropriate attention while learning the Holy Quran. If you would not be attentive one, then the steps you have followed would go in vain.

4.       To-Do Practice Whatever you learn

It is the most necessary step in learning the Holy Quran. For instance, you have the one verse, and then you need to practice it to become an expert in learning the Holy Quran. If you don’t follow the practice, you will forget the Holy Quran’s actual learning. If you set a routine practice of whatever you learn, then you would be an expert, and the automatic interest would be induced in you. Thus, it is also famous that practice makes perfect.

5.       To Learn At Sound Proof Environment

The environment plays an important role in learning. If you are sitting in the street and learning the Holy Quran, then you would not give full attention. In this way, you would be unable to learn whatever you should. So, you need to set the environment where there is a soundproof area you see. So, the abovementioned steps would assist you more if you would follow them strictly.

6.       To Learn Translation

It is the most important step to learn the meaning of the Holy Quran. If you only recite the Holy Quran and do not get its meaning, then you would not learn the message and guidance which Allah Almighty has revealed on our Prophet Muhammad PBUH. If we also learn the translation of the Holy Quran’s words, then we can also memorize it in the best way.

7.       To Set Proper Internet Network

Internet connection is necessary for the online Quran Classes. If you are unable to get the internet at the time you have class, then you would be unable to attend class. So, it would not allow you to learn properly because you would miss the lectures i.e., Quran classes. Thus, your internet network must be stable so that you can attend the class without any tension.

Thus these are the necessary steps in learning the Holy Quran at online Quran classes. One who follows these steps can easily learn the Holy Quran without any mishap.

  • Conclusion

Therefore, you are aware now about the steps and the easy ways of learning the Holy Quran. It is the right of every believer to learn and recite the Holy Quran on a regular basis. Similarly, every Muslim brother needs to set and follow these steps properly so that one can learn it easily. Either one will follow the traditional way of learning the Holy Quran or the online learning of the Holy Quran, but he must learn it in any of the ways he likes. One who learns it properly, he/ she never wander here and there and get the exact path mentioned in the Holy Quran.  So, learning the Holy Quran is the most suitable way of learning at Quran Classes online.

Every believer finds an easy way to learn the Holy Quran immediately in online Quran classes. However, information technology has made it easy to learn it now.

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