Complaints and claims: All about Mis-selling pension transfer

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The new rules of pension state that some people’s right to transfer from their salary pension to the free up amount has been granted. You now have some choices related to how you can save your pension. However, there is a flipside to this fact; it can be very risky to have pension transfers which can also lead to unexpected costs. In the worst scenario, it can mean that you would lose the actual value of your hard earned pension.

What do you mean by pension transfer?

Pension transfer allows you to drop your entire occupational pensions like salary pension and the benefits related to that pension in exchange for cash which is invested in the different pension scheme. The key issue that exists with pension transfer is that you shall receive the return by how you invest your pension. This denotes that you shall not have any guaranteed amount of income after you retire.

Moreover, this transfer is not reversible, and you shall not be able to purchase back the occupational pension along with its benefits. Due to such risks, there are very limited scenarios in which any pension transfer undertaken from the final salary plan will be a sensible and logical scheme. This has made pension transfer to be very extensively mis-sold. You can consult mis sold pension lawyers or solicitors for professional advice.

How can mis-sold pension happen?

Individuals seeking for any kind of fixed income during their retirement are very unlikely to get any pension transfer which is according to their expectations or their best interest. Pension transfers are very complex and risky; they also need you to give away all the pension benefits for having any uncertain income in the future.

The pension transfers cannot be guaranteed to provide you with better outcomes, and under certain scenarios, the results can prove to be damaging-specially where you are incorrectly advised for making any pension transfer. The best thing about such circumstances is that you have many things for ensuring that you stay protected. If you are among those individuals who have been trapped in a mis-sold pension transfer, you can make a claim for your compensation.

Have you been provided with sufficient information before undertaking any pension transfer?

As an outcome, the most potential damaging implications for the retirement income exists. It is a need that you get authentic advice from any transfer expert before availing a pension transfer. Claiming 4U, you can have highly experienced finance advisors who shall help you in having a smooth claiming procedure. You can avail effective claiming procedures regarding mortgage, annuities and pensions. For more details,  visit solicitors near you


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