Coming To A Safe Stop

Several components of your car are important for its proper operation, such as your motor and transmission. There are also a few smaller parts that are essential that will often give you a warning of some kind if there is something wrong, such as your brakes. If you notice any of the following signs while you’re driving, have your vehicle examined as soon as possible to determine the extent of the severity involving your brakes so that you’re safe on the road. 

One of the first and most common signs that you’ll notice is that your brakes will begin squealing. This is when you need to visit a brakes Hesperia CA mechanic to determine how much of your brake pad you have left and if the rotors are damaged. Once you begin to hear squealing from your brakes, it could be because there is very little pad left, which could mean that you would need to get the rotors turned while getting new pads at the same time. 

Another sign that something is wrong would be seeing your brake light on while you’re driving. Once you get your brake pads changed, then you’ll likely notice that the light will go off. This light will usually illuminate red on your dashboard and be associated with an exclamation mark or the ABS symbol. Keep in mind that if your parking brake is engaged, then it can cause the light to come on as well. 

A sound that you don’t want to hear from your brakes is grinding. This usually means that you have no brake pad left and that the metal is rubbing against the rotor. Sometimes, you might hear a grinding sound if there is dirt or debris stuck in the brake system, but this should go away in a short time. 

If you depress the brake and notice that your vehicle wobbles or swerves to one side, then your rotors could be damaged. Your rotors could be uneven as well. This component of your brake system should be smooth to allow for stopping that doesn’t involve any kind of odd vibrations. The caliper might not be releasing in the proper way and could be causing the odd noises or vibrations that you experience as well. 

Any time that you notice brake fluid leaking from your vehicle, you need to get it checked as soon as possible. Even a minor leak could result in significant damage to your brake system and could result in not being able to stop while you’re driving. Sometimes, you might notice fluid leaking around the master cylinder instead of seeing fluid on the ground underneath your car. If your brakes feel spongy when you depress the pedal, then you might not have much pad left. This means that you need to immediately seek assistance of some kind to have new brake pads put on your car. Avoid letting your brake system reach a point where you feel as though you’re in danger while you’re on the road.