A Nifty Guide to Finding the Best Roofer

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If you are looking for a roofing contractor than you are sure to find a wide field of options. Like any contracted service there are many roofers out there and they all perform the best job. At least that is what they all say. Different services will have varying prices, fields of experience, ratings, and reviews. So if you want a reliable service at a good price here are the steps you should take to find one.

Ask Around

The first place to look is always close to home. First hand information from trusted sources like friends and family is the best you can find. If they had a positive experience odds are you will too. You can also use them as a referral which some times cuts down on cost.

Ratings and Reviews 

The internet is another great source for information. Online reviews and ratings can pinpoint good service and warn you away from bad. After exhausting your social circle go online and search for companies with positive reviews and high ratings. Be sure to include as much information as possible to whittle down choices to what you specifically need. A search for a roofing contractor denver, co. for instance will provide choices in your specific area.

Contact at Least Three

Once you have narrowed the search to three reliable sources it is time to take the next step. Contact the contractors and find out everything you can about them. Every roofing service has different specialties, different materials, different methods of service, and different degrees of experience. Everything that they do or say is a potential warning sign.

Look at their Practices, Methods, and Materials

All roofs are not made the same and from the use of shingles to tile different roofs bear different requirements. So make sure you take a look at what the contractor specializes in. Do they do tile? Do they do asphalt? What types of roofs are they proficient in? Do they specialize in flat roofs, membrane roofs, or sloped roofs? There is a lot to consider and you want to be sure that the service you choose can handle your specific job.

Look at Their Experience

Another thing to look at is their experience. Find out how long they have been in business and how long their contractors have been roofing. See any and all certifications their roofers may have. Look for manufacturer designations as these are a prime example of professionalism. Factory certification is granted by meeting rigorous qualifications and if a roofing service has some it is a very good sign.

Gauge Customer Service

The way the roofing service treats you is also the way they will treat your roof. Stay away from companies that do not treat you well. Also, be wary of companies that quote first and ask questions later. A decent service will fully accommodate you. Their staff will be well kept and cordial. Their office will be clean and neat. They will also take a look at your actual roof before they quote you anything.


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