Flea Control in Our Homes

Fleas are small flightless insects, which are external parasites of mammals or birds. The fleas live by sucking blood from the hosts on whom they live. As these fleas go on sucking blood from the host, they pose some problems such as transfer of vector-borne diseases, taking essential nutrients from the host, creating red spots on the host, among other problems.

What is Flea Control?

A flea is characterized as a pest. Therefore following the definition of pest control, flea control is the regulation or management of fleas that impact adversely on human activities. Flea control can be accompanied with flea treatment. Flea treatments are techniques that are used to treat infestations resulting from fleas on humans or animals.

Importance of Flea Control

Controlling of fleas should be embraced in our homes. This results in positive outcomes. Some of the positive outcomes are explained below. Flea control prevents sickness and disease. Fleas are vectors to some vector-borne diseases. Due to this capability, they can transmit the diseases to the host during their feeding process. Among these diseases is Lyme disease. This is a disease that causes pain in joints, and it can also result in kidney failure. Therefore to avoid flea-borne diseases on our pets and ourselves, we should embrace flea control. Control of fleas makes us live happily. At times flea may not result in harm and diseases, but when these tiny organisms bite, they cause an itchy and painful sensation. This keeps one scratching the place of where the flea had bitten. When that is done, it results in rushes which may be painful. This makes the bitten host have an unhappy life. Therefore, if the flea is controlled, this unhappy lived won’t be evident.

Methods of Controlling Fleas

Flea control needs experts companies, that know where to target the fleas. Companies such as Flea Control Perth for example, have a vast knowledge in the exercise of flea control. Someway of controlling fleas are: Using flea dips on pets. Identifying the specific place where the flea is, on a pet is somehow cumbersome. In such a case, flea dips are essential. Flea dips are special chemicals that are prepared for mixing with water, then dipping a pet inside. When a pet is dipped inside the chemical, all the fleas if present dies due to exposure to the chemical. Application of flea powders and collars on surfaces. Flea collars mean the use of a gas that is toxic, to intoxicate adult fleas to die, while flea powders involve the use of powdered chemicals to eliminate fleas from surfaces. Both are effective only on adult fleas, not larvae.

Spraying of insecticide to your home. Fleas can be eliminated easily by spraying of insecticides wherever they are spotted. The insecticides are specially made, and they contain chemicals that suffocate the fleas, making them die. This is the most effective and quick way to eliminate fleas when spotted. Knowledge of flea control should be learned quite often. The knowledge is useful in curbing fleas out of our homes, thus making us live happily.