Best Practices To Keep Customers & Earn Referrals

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Most homeowners do not think much about their HVAC systems until something goes wrong. As a contractor, you need to match their needs and budget with your own need for profit. There are many ways to attract customers and keep them. You are really special when they can happily refer you to their friends and family. To ensure you give your customers the best service and every reason to use your services and refer you to others, here are some ideas that are popular with many HVAC contractors. 

A policy of fixing your heating services Lincoln NE mistakes is a good practice but can sometimes be a challenge to actually do when needed. Nevertheless, making things right for your customers is crucial in not only attracting but maintaining your business. Making sure that you take responsibility for your HVAC sizing mistakes is a best practice that keeps your customers happy and shows you don’t shirk accountability. 

One top customer concern is contractors going around their home damaging walls, carpet, floors, and furniture. While installing the HVAC unit, make it clear to your customers that installers will take care to not damage the floors, carpet, structure, furniture, etc. and that you will repair or replace damaged items. This should be covered under your insurance policy but making this clear to your customers puts them at ease with the stress of having this level of work going on in their home. 

While some contractors give a few months of parts and labor guarantee on their HVAC systems, you should be able to confidently have a 1 year or more parts and labor guarantee. Again, the customer is likely a bit anxious about a multi-thousand dollar purchase and this type of guarantee puts them at ease knowing that you stand behind your products and service. Also, offer to fix the unit free of charge to any customers who are not getting the range of temperatures that you stated. This is not just a feel-good policy, it can easily prevent unsatisfied customers from spreading bad reviews about your company. 

Create a policy of replacing components such as compressors and heat exchangers if they fail in a short period of time after installation such as a year or so. These components should last far longer but rarely your customer may get a dud. Don’t leave them holding the financial bag or give them a bad experience with your company due to something that can be resolved. 

The likeliest number one best practice that HVAC customers are looking for from their contractors is a money back guarantee. If you do not currently offer one, you should create one as you will be more likely to pull in more customers and revenue by clearly standing behind your work and your products. If you cannot stand behind your products and labor, this will give current and potential customers a negative view of your company. Don’t needlessly give this perception. Create your own best practices and make sure you stand behind various aspects of your work as a professional and you will reap the rewards.


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