You Need To Know About Cabinet refinishes

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There are many ways to deal with old and tired looking cabinets. While the first thought one might have would be to just tear out the existing cabinets and replace them with brand new cabinetry, this may not be the best way to deal with the issue. Of course, while installing new cabinets will provide you with many options that might not be available with your present cabinets, a little investigation may reveal enough available options to make you rethink the decision of replacing your cabinets. When all options are considered, you may find that refinishing your existing cabinets may be a much better solution for many reasons.

If you have priced new cabinetry lately, you have likely found that even the cost of stock cabinets at a big box home improvement center can run in the thousands of dollars. Many times, stock cabinets will not be able to be used if your existing cabinets were custom built for your home during the initial construction. If you choose to replace your cabinets with brand new custom cabinets, the cost can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars. In addition to the cost of constructing or purchasing new cabinets, you must also consider the cost of tear out and installation of the new cabinets, plumbing costs to unhook and hook the plumbing back up, and the cost of replacing the counter tops. All of these costs may cause you to end your remodeling project before it even begins.

Now, if you elect to undertake a cabinet refinishing project instead, all of the above costs can be avoided if you choose. You may still choose to replace your counter tops which will also cause you to incur most, if not all, of the plumbing costs mentioned above, but again, these will be options as opposed to necessities. Refinishing your cabinets can be accomplished for just a few hundred dollars if you have just average do it yourself skills and are willing to spend a little time on the project. Even if you choose to have a professional come in and do the job, it can be done for a fraction of the cost of replacing your cabinets.

Take the time to evaluate the style and condition of your cabinets before you make the decision to replace them. If you are happy with the style of doors that are on your existing cabinets there is really no need to replace them. Check the condition of your cabinet boxes, doors, and drawers. If you find that they are all in good condition and still operate smoothly, again, there is no need to have them replaced.

If you purchase high quality finish products designed to be used on cabinets, as well as professional grade tools to do the job, and take the time necessary to allow the finishes to cure between coats, you will find that cabinet refinishing can produce results that you will be extremely happy with. Your newly refinished cabinets will not only give your kitchen that fresh and updated look you sought when you first considered your kitchen upgrade, but will save you enough money that you can provide upgrades in other areas that will make your kitchen much more functional, as well as, more modern and up to date.

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