The Importance Of Sewer Maintenance And Cleaning

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All businesses and private homes in Chicago rely on plumbers to keep their sewer lines clean and free-flowing. If any property owner has had raw sewage back up into their home or building, it causes problems. Property owners do not want this to happen again. It is for this reason plumbers set up a scheduled sewer cleaning chicago il. Regular cleaning of sewer lines helps to avoid the pipes from becoming obstructed, backing up wastewater into the property. When there is a sewer backing up onto the property or within a structure, the professional plumber runs a camera mounted to a long cable line attached to a computer screen. As the plumber guides the camera through the sewer line, the plumber watches the computer screen looking for problems in the sewer. When the plumber sees the problem, they usually remedy the problem at that time. 

How Does the Plumber Solve Sewer Backups? 

Accumulated, thickened grease, collapsed tiles in the sewer line, tree roots, excess toilet paper, gravel, dirt, sand, toys flushed by children are a few common sewer problems plumbers see in sewer lines. If the plumber sees excess paper in the pipes or finds an overabundance of grease, the plumber may jet flush the sewer line. This high powered water pushes the obstruction into the more massive main sewer line to float away. The plumber may call for a vacuum truck to suck up certain debris disposing the waste into a landfill. If the problem is roots, the plumber cuts the roots out of the sewer tiles. If the plumber finds collapsed tiles, it is a primary repair job. The plumber must dig down to the tiles with a backhoe and replace the broken tiles. Collapsed tiles are prone to happen in old sewer lines causing specific issues, possibly costing the property owner thousands of dollars. Sewer tiles usually last 50-60 years before causing problems. 

Can a Homeowner Find the Obstruction in Sewer Lines 

The answer is no because a camera line must go through the sewer line hooked up to a computer screen. This equipment is costly. It is cost-effective to call a plumber to do this task. The plumber does not even know what the problem is without sending a camera through the line. The property owner can check the line for standing water in the main drain or sewer line. The homeowner finds this cleanout in the basement, crawlspace, or the yard. All the homeowner has to do is remove the plug and look. Looking into the drain with a flashlight shows the homeowner if there is any standing water as there should be no water in this pipe. If there is a utility hole cover front of the property the plumber cannot remove this cover. The plumber needs to call city or county maintenacne to come and see if this is their problem and not a homeowner issue.


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