Name Tag Backings: What You Need to Know?

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As important as the front design and content of a name tag might be, the backing is just as important! Even more so!

Customers need to be sure that their name tag or photo will stay put and that the tag they are choosing to wear won’t cause damage to their clothing or cover up the name, logo or a photo present on the name tag.

Usually customers ask the following questions in regards to name tag backings:

  • Why are there hole punches on my photo ID card? Hole punches are usually used with clips or lanyards.
  • Do I need a hole punch in my ID card? No, a hole punch on the clear card holder will suffice and a clip will be used to hold the card steady. But if you plan on wearing your office ID card without the clear holder then you might need to make a hole in your ID card as well
  • Will the name-tag backing cover my organization logo and design? If you happen to be designing your own ID cards, then it’s crucial that you make sure where the hole punch is situated on the card template. Make certain to place any pictures, logo or text under the hole punch area.

The name tag backing you choose generally depends on the type of name tag or badge or even the type of clothing you plan on wearing. Some of the name tags backing options available in the market are as follows:

  1. Magnetic Backings: Magnetic backings are generally preferred over other types because they hold the name tag in place without the use of pins or clips. Both options can cause damage to your clothes over time
  2. PVC name tag holder: These holders are affordable options, easy to wear and can be used multiple times
  3. Plastic badge pins: Available at affordable low prices, plastic badge pins can be used for a variety of purposes like clipping on clothing accessories as well as securing name tags
  4. Swivel Clips: This is an efficient option and attaches to your clothes without causing any damage to your clothes. It’s reusable and comes with an adhesive plastic swivel base.
  5. Mylar clips: These come with a built-in sturdy spring that aims to hold your name tag in place with the help of a clear vinyl strap. Used with ID cards that have a hole punch and generally re-usable.
  6. Military bars: These 2 inch wide bars fasten to the back of name tags with bonding agent. The metal clutches tie up to the pins to secure the name tag in place. But disclaimer: They will leave holes in your clothes.
  7. Lanyards: Primarily used with ID cards, Polyester lanyards provide an alternative to options like clips, pins and military bars that cause damage to your clothing. Due to being easy to wear and take off these are ideal for all sorts of events.




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