How does Pipe Corrosion Impact Water Quality?

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If you are here, you must be looking for the answer to a simple question – How pipe corrosion can impact water quality? There is no hidden fact that the water pipes tend to corrode and as per the reports, there are more than a million miles of underground water pipes that need mending. To understand the impact of pipe corrosion on water quality you must know all about the types of water pipes.

Different Types Of Water Pipes And The Risks

Most of the water pipes are made using galvanized steel/iron, PVC, copper, or PEC material. Before these, the underground water pipes that carry water to your home were made using lead, which was banned because it contaminated the water it carries. Note that your water supplier is obligated to inform you if the network contains lead pipes.

One thing that is common between all kinds of water pipes is that it is prone to corrosion. The only difference, however, is the pace of corrosion for different materials. Here, we are going to discuss the issues each type of water pipe brings along with them.

  • Iron Pipes – These are the type of water pipes that tend to rust after a certain period of time. This rust can bring in serious blockage and contamination issues as the rust tends to collect the aerators.
  • Copper Pipes – Copper pipes can corrode and add copper particles to drinking water which contaminates it and makes it unhealthy to drink.
  • PVC or PEX – There are around 150 contaminants that have been detected in the water flowing through PVC or PEX water pipes which might cause different health issues. However, it is not medically proven.


In the end, we would say that irrespective of the type of water pipes that flow water to your home, it is a good and wise idea to use a secure and effective water filtration system. There are many companies like Pure Blue H2O that offer high-quality water filtration systems. Try it out now.

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