Getting Gear Ready For New Riders

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Motorsports are a lot of fun to take part in, so I try to be ready for the day when my kid wants to hop on a bike and ride. My favorite thing to do on the weekend is take my dirt bike out for a spin. I like to spin mud and get those tires nice and dirty. I once broke my collar bone on a dirt bike, but I’m so excited about motorsports that I got right back up and rode around for another hour before getting it looked at by a doctor. My kid is going to be thrilled about motorsports when he gets old enough to ride. I just know it.

I know that I gave my parents something to worry about when I was growing up, so I am getting ready for those same types of worries from my child when he grows up. I used to ride around on trails late at night when I had my first dirt bike. When I was a boy, they couldn’t keep me off the trails. If my son is anything like his old man, he’s going to be staying out late at night chasing down clouds of smoke on the trails. It’s better to be chasing smoke clouds than to be chasing loose women. That’s what I always say.

In order to prepare for my son’s conquest across the hills on his first dirt bike I have been stocking up on safety equipment. I have my old pads and helmet. They’re left over from when I was a child. They don’t fit me know as an adult, but I know they’ll fit my child in a few years. They kept preserved in good condition in the attic because we have a dehumidifier upstairs, so I’ll be able to hand them off to him when he’s old enough to ride. However, I did have to purchase a new pair of goggles to protect his eyes when he rides. Such as 509 goggles because they seem like they’re a good, resilient type. Eye wear is incredibly important when you’re riding a bike in the dirt and mud. If a rock spins up toward your face, you need something to protect your eyes.

I’m trying to set him up for success because I know he’s going to be a rascal. When I saw him pick up his first big wheel from rolling down a hill, I knew he would be the type of kid to take a dirt bike on the trails as well. I’m excited to offer my son a way to ride without getting hurt in the process. My parents didn’t have a lot of money to buy equipment for me, but they did what they could. I figure if I start picking things up as he gets older, the bike will be the only expensive thing I’ll need to purchase. He gets excited about the things I buy him, but he hasn’t been on a bike.

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