What Comes with a Funeral Package for Veterans

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The greatest honor one can have is to serve our great nation. The death of a veteran whether it be during active duty or after they are discharged can be hard on the family. We all know death of any means is hard. However, one of the best things a family can do is to ensure their loved one who served their country proudly has the respectable service they deserve. This is why many funeral homes across the nation have package that are designed specifically for veterans. What all do these packages entail? 

The American Flag 

There is one thing mostly any American knows by heart to be a tradition of a military funeral. It’s the American flag folded crisply in front of the family and then given to either the spouse or next of kin to the family. They tell them on behalf of the branch the veteran served in and the nation they thank them for their loved one’s sacrifice. With a military package at any funeral home, this is included free of charge. 

National Cemetery Burial 

When you read the guidelines outlined by Veteran Affairs, any veteran who either served or has served has one right. There are national cemeteries all over the United States. If the family so chooses or if it’s the wish of the deceased, the veteran has the right to be buried in any one of these cemeteries. While any other cemetery not on this list of national cemeteries would charge the family a fee for opening and closing what is know as the vault, this fee is waived when a decorated veteran is laid to rest. It’s one of the last things this great nation does to ensure those who risked giving their lives or have given their lives are well taken care of. 

Grave Stone 

Headstones can be a hefty cost for a family. With any veterans funeral packages Joliet IL, if the veteran is interred at a national cemetery on that list, the veteran will receive a free headstone. This can take the cost of burying the loved one down drastically as the price to bury someone increases each and every year. 

Other Offers 

Now, some of you might be reading this and ask what if you don’t choose to bury your loved one in a national cemetery. You might wonder if there is anything besides the good old American flag that you get. Many times, with a veteran’s package, the funeral home might reach out to one of the famous veteran not for profit organization to help with the funeral. It’s with their help where they will play taps and do the customary gun salute. 

While every funeral home is different if you choose not to bury your veteran in a national cemetery, the guidelines are strict for those who are buried in the national ones. This is outlined by Veteran Affairs as national cemeteries of a high honorable caliber. Any licensed funeral director can help you plan the most respectable funeral with their funeral package.


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