Summer This Year: Install That Fan!

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It’s going to be a hot one folks and with heat, comes high electricity bills.

National Geographic is predicting that this year may be the hottest year yet. There are a few things you should think about and do before the summer comes around. Some easy tips and tricks to get though another scorching summer here in the states and around the world. Many of the projects do not cost money at all, and can be done in seconds.

First, and perhaps the easiest will be closing your blinds. During the day the sun can heat up the house like a solar oven. When the sun goes down, you can open your blinds back up. If you have a door to the basement, open it up. This will allow some of the cold air up into the house.

Believe it or not, blasting the air conditioning only hurts you! You will thank me later when you save tons of money on your electricity bill. When you turn the air conditioning on high, you are making the system work overtime, hence higher bill. Try to keep all the rooms in the house constant temperature.

Make sure your house is properly insulated. This will save you with keeping your house cool in the summer and also save big bucks in the winter. Insulation costs a bit of money, but worth every penny.

With all the smart things going on in the world, check out a smart thermostat. You can check out smart themostats here on Forbes. When you are away during the day you can set it to higher temperatures. Using your smart phone, turn the air conditioning on before you arrive home. If you work during the day, this should be a priority.

The next project is a little more costly, but well worth it. Get a fan! For about $100. The next think you will do is call your electrician (professional), and ask for him to install the fan. This will cost about $200. So now you have a room full of circulating air that will save you a few degrees on your air conditioning bill in the summer. Hint: Make sure you fan is rotating counter clockwise during the summer. For all you living in the city of lights, the electricity guys will help you with those fans after replacing all those bulbs. Call an electrician las vegas nv.

Most people don’t think about the small things during the summer. This is mainly because the heat prevents people from thinking clearly. Summer is a time for family, sun and fun. This summer we will not let the heat get us down because of our electricity bill. A few extra steps throughout the day and you can save hundreds of dollars this summer. Don’t wait until you’re on vacation to turn your thermostat down or close your curtains. With a little upfront investment, and some conscious acts throughout the summer we can stick it back to the power companies once and for all!

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