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Placing a family member in a nursing home is a difficult decision and in some situations, the family may realize the elder adult is suffering neglect. This is a form of abuse of a senior that can happen in a nursing home where they are expected to receive the finest care for their age and medical needs. Growing older comes with many issues and for some people it becomes unsafe to live at home. The family may not be prepared or unable to help provide the necessary daily care. Medical needs can also be a constant need of the older adult and the best choice is to enter a nursing home. The nursing home should be researched before placing an aging person in the facility. Cost while a factor some nursing facilities are rated higher than other facilities for care and passing safety inspections. 

After Nursing Home Placement 

Once the senior has entered a nursing home if family or friends suspect there is neglect it is crucial to seek the advice of a nursing home neglect attorney omaha ne. Senior citizens deserve respect and proper care and if they are not receiving it the lawyer specializing in this area of the law can help hold the nursing home accountable. There are some signs the family or friends can look for if they suspect nursing home neglect. This is a sad situation for the older adult experiencing neglect and they have no recourse on their own to stop the situation. The signs that can include: 

• The facility does not appear clean and orderly. 
• The senior living in the nursing home does not appear cleanly or is not dressed properly. 
• Does the senior citizen have bruises or other marks? Do they have broken skin that can be seen? Does it appear to be bedsores? Has their mobility changed? 
• Has the older adult’s character changed? Have they become quite, beg to leave, or appear drugged? Does their physical condition appear to be declining quickly? Have they seen their doctor regularly? 
•Has the senior lost weight? Do they or appear to suffer from a lack of nutrition? 

These are the most common signs of nursing home neglect. Often when the staff is questioned, they have reasons for the behavior or condition of the person or facility. In some cases the neglect can be criminal offenses. 

What the Family Can Do 

The family suspecting nursing home neglect can visit the facility at different times and unannounced. They can keep a record of any behavior out of character for the senior or any marks, bruising or other oddities. Showing up at the nursing home unannounced can provide a look at how it runs and how the patients are treated. 

Once it is found neglect is occurring even if the senior can be moved to a new facility it is essential to consult with an attorney. The nursing home should be held accountable for their treatment of senior citizens. Neglect of an older adult is illegal and having legal representation, it can change the lives of the seniors living at the facility. Aging comes with many issues but neglect should not be one of them when living in a nursing home where they should have the proper care for their needs.

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